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O5 Council is one of the most powerful roles in our foundation. They are members of the group that lead the Foundation. They control and oversee all of its operations. O5 Council members are given a numerical destigmatization from 1 to 13. There is no limit to how many O5s can be in a certain team/designation. they can make announcements using the ": announce" command and meetings using the ": meeting" command. To be an O5 Council member, they need to enter the O5 room and ask, if the O5 accepts they will have to make a sacrifice of something important to them. O5s are in the O5 Council Room with the exception of the engineer. The Class-D team does not have an option to be an O5. O5 Council members will have their text line slightly highlighted in white on the radio. The Role Designations are listed below.

Role Designation

"The Founder" O5-1

"The Gardener" O5-2

"The Kid/All-Seeing Eye" O5-3

"The Ambassador" O5-4

"Blackbird" O5-5

"Cowboy/The American" O5-6

"Green" O5-7

"Newbie/The Lesser" O5-8

"The Outsider/Ordinary" O5-9

"The Archivist" O5-10

"The Mailman" O5-11

"The Journalist" O5-12

"The Tiebreaker" O5-13

"The Administrator"




O5 Council Members have an O5 Keycard which can open any door. They carry a Minigun with a 250 round magazine and a total of 5,000 reserve ammo with the loadout of the team they are. O5 Council personnel will have a standard radio to communicate with Foundation staff or Chaos Insurgency. O5 Council members can purchase weapons from shops near the CDC.